Back to the Future Exhibition

on the run up to the International Festival of Glass 2012 Broadfield House Glass Museum issued a call to artists inviting them to explore the collection and create work based on items found on display. The resulting creations were displayed along with their inspiration pieces during the festival and proved to be a popular exhibition with those who visited. 

At the time i was an assistant glass maker working for a few studios and with that in mind i wanted to choose pieces from the collection that represented the glass makers and not the companies they worked for. The most prominent examples of this in the museum were the large collection of Friggers.

Friggers were items created by glass makers during breaks or at the end of the day and were often a way for the apprentices to develop their skills. 

The Pepper design was something that i had been trying to develop in my spare time and felt that this mirrored the old factory practice of making Friggers.  To further connect my design with the objects on display i decided to incorporate the twisted cane, which is a common element used in Friggers.

Once the exhibition ended The Friends of Broadfield House decided to commission a Red Pepper to be added to the permanent collection which i was absolutely thrilled with. The last time that object was on display was during the last exhibition before the museum sadly closed in September 2015.

The Dudley glass Collection will soon go on display in the White House Cone Museum of Glass which is being managed by the British Glass Foundation. more information can be found here.

There are a number of stunning items in the collection but hopefully this Pepper will one day find its way out of storage and go on display once again!